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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my carpet cleaning?

Prior to our arrival, we recommend that you thoroughly vacuum all of the areas to be cleaned. Also we ask that you remove as many of the smaller items as possible from these areas, like small chairs, throw rugs, magazine racks, baskets, etc. If we are moving your couches and chairs it may be necessary to vacuum under these items as well.

Do You Move Furniture?

Yes! We will gladly move your furniture; it is included in all of our prices. We can move couches, chairs, and smaller tables. Just let us know when we arrive so we measure accordingly. We will move the furniture, clean the area, and then put back your furniture, placing blocks under the legs if necessary. We do not move China cabinets, dressers, beds, or entertainment centers, but we can clean around these items without damaging them.

How Do You Charge?

We charge by the square foot. If we are cleaning an entire room, we'll measure wall to wall in each direction; multiply them together to get the total area in square feet. Ex: (10' x 10'= 100 square feet) If we are just cleaning traffic patterns around furniture, we'll do our best to measure only the open areas we are cleaning and charge you only for that. You only pay for the actual carpet we clean, so when comparing our prices to another company's remember that some of them charge you for the whole room, whether they clean it all or not! This is how we figure pricing in all of our coupons and specials as well, and we never show up to your home and tell you that your carpet is "dirty" and charge you a higher rate.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept personal checks, cash, money orders, MasterCard, and Visa. Payment is due at time of service unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. If you cannot be home when the job is completed we can take a credit card over the phone and leave you a copy of the receipt.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

In most cases, your carpet will be dry to the touch in about 6 hours. Then it is alright to walk on it with clean socks, preferably. There may be areas that take longer to dry, up to 18 hours in some cases. This is normal, and will not harm your carpet. If we have placed protectors under furniture legs, please wait 24 hours before removing them. To decrease drying time, air movement is key. Open windows at each end of your home and keep your thermostat at room temperature, and don't crank up your heat! Ceiling fans and portable fans can also help to accelerate drying.

What is your service territory?

We service all of Snohomish County. With our offices in Marysville, we have a large concentration of customers in Everett, Stanwood, Camano Island, Arlington, Snohomish and Lake Stevens Washington.

What is a good homemade Carpet cleaning solution?

Mix 1 part white vinegar 2 part water 2 tsp salt 10-15 drops essential oil of choice ( some essential oils can be toxic to pets, so make sure to do your research)

Do I need to rinse my carpet after cleaning?

Yes! Using a water rinse or a vinegar water solution will help keep your carpets looking clean and lasting longer

Can you shampoo area rugs?

Most synthetic rugs are okay to be gently washed with a carpet cleaning solution.

What is the best upholstery cleaner?

This one made by Hoover works great!

What's the best way to clean carpets?

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is recommended for many carpet types. Check with manufacturer for their recommendations

How do you deep clean carpet by hand?

First, you want to vacuum the carpet well, at least two times in each direction (although more is preferred). Secondly, you will want to spot treat. You can do this by using carpet spot spray that you can get at any store with cleaning supplies or by dipping a scrub brush or sponge in carpet cleaning solution and go over the affected areas. Next you want to use a wet dry vacuum to go over the carpet to pick up the dirt and solution. Fourthly, you will use clean water and again use a brush or sponge to apply rinse water to carpet and then follow again with a wet dry vac. Please allow plenty of time to dry and be careful to not get the carpet too wet.

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